Upgrade your Report Card
SkoolTree prepares and delivers high quality customizable analytical report for students, teachers and principal of the school using the students’ academic data in a very systematic and meaningful manner. It is NOT A SOFTWARE as we have found that using a software is very cumbersome and mostly computer teacher centric. What we offer is totally non-technical for the school thereby helping every teacher and management which is otherwise not always possible.
It provides important information about students to better meet their learning needs thereby providing them with opportunities for self-evaluation and encourages parents to better assist their children. It assists schools to translate the students academic data into useful information which can be clearly linked to school planning and decision making processes, supporting school goals and identifying the problems.

We help teachers to achieve the best out of every student.

It reduces the work-load and saves precious time of teachers and management in preparation of manual report cards and hence allowing them to concentrate more on primary areas of teaching for the betterment of child and school.

Customised Report Card
In this world of finite opportunities does your kid have a chance? Does the cut-throat competition and hype not dim his shine? Cure your child’s progress worries with our Progress Report Card.
Offline Process
Our report card can be easily integrated with the school’s ongoing process. Our simple digital analysis report is what you need to stack up this new academic season.
Meaningful Progress Report
You can use our analysis parameters to determine whether your child is making the grade. This analysis report will provide you with every detail regarding your child’s progress ranging from his marks compared to the top performer. And get all of these customised as per your requirement!
School Friendly
Heads up! A not so mysterious but sensational word goes with our product! A good friend to the teachers because we do reduce your workload. Happy parents because we do not believe in overwhelming them with pages of information! With all said, we’re waiting! Go add these to your cart.
Class Exam Analysis
A single sheet data analysis and data visualization which covers the academic performance of all the students in the entire class. It assists teachers’ in finding out students who need specific help in specific subjects, teachers can guide student’s parents in a more accurate direction giving detailed information about the student and much more.