Identify hardware and software solutions. 
  • S K O O L T R E E


    Job Detail

    Tech support

    Job Type:



    Bachelor’s Degree


    1 Year (preferred)

    Offered Salary



    • Give online training to client on a remote session and handle all tech-related issues
    • Identify hardware and software solutions. 
    • Troubleshoot technical issues. 
    • Diagnose and repair faults.
    • Resolve network issues. 
    • Install and configure hardware and software. 
    • Speak to customers to quickly get to the root of their problem. 
    • Provide timely and accurate customer feedback. 
    • Talk customers through a series of actions to resolve a problem. 
    • Follow-up with clients to ensure the problem is resolved.  
    • Support the roll-out of new applications. 
    • Providing support in the form of procedural documentation.
    •  Managing multiple cases at one time.  
    • Testing and evaluating new technologies.
    •  Conducting electrical safety checks on equipment.


    • Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.
    • Certification in Microsoft, Linux, or Cisco is advantageous.
    • Experience in tech support, desktop support, or a similar role.
    • Proficiency in Windows/Linux/Mac OS.
    • Experience with remote desktop applications and help desk software.
    • Attention to detail and good problem-solving skills.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills.
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