Using the RFID Cards/Biometric System/Software to maintain attendance records? Let’s burst the bubble because a smart attendance system has come into the market. More efficient than its cousins, mobiTENDANCE® comes with a no hardware/software requirement. This product is like that YouTube Ad you cannot skip because it provides attendance notifications without internet! And hey, we have got a certificate of recognition from the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) for this! Also unveiling the monthly attendance analysis- mobiANALYSIS. Keep a check on all the notices sent out to the classes on a monthly basis.
No Internet
Not a Netizen? We have got your back by our simple SMS feature!
No Hardware
We take our goals seriously: Ditching the Biometric/RFID system!
No Software
Because for us, innovation lies in the details. So let’s do away with the app/software.
Saves Time
Because well, who has lot of it anyway? So just take a minute out of your schedule!
Why is it important to send attendance SMS notification to parents?

Schools must have SMS alert facilty to inform us: Parents.


Many Parents during the parent-teacher meetings have complained that they send their children to school but are not sufficiently informed about the presence or absence in the classroom.


During the two parent-teacher meetings held recently, parents had complained that their children used to leave home for school almost every day but the records showed low attendance.


The boy gang bunked classes and rode bikes which resulted in the death of two.

Convenient experience:
No requirement of hardware/software or internet.
User friendly:
Enjoy hassle-free management with SMS alerts on attendance.
Get a demo:
We are not satisfied until you are.
Always ahead of the game.
Accommodating all customer requests.
Client Satisfaction:
Nurturing excellent customer relationships.