GPS Tracking
Call it the season of school bus tracking and camera surveillance. Let’s make that yellow bus the safest on road. With safety and convenience at its best, we present the school bus GPS tracking. Now you can take your child’s safety obsession to the next level because we bring to you the GPS Tracking SMS Service. We are committed to providing you the best service with a variety of useful alerts like SOS and Google API for the optimal route.

Onward Journey

06:30 am
Your bus is approximately five minutes away from the pick-up point.
06:36 am
Your child has been picked up.
If you are thinking that we use the RFID System you have it all wrong. We have an android app for the conductor. As soon as your child boards the bus, the bus supervisor checks the box against his name and a text is rolled out for the same.
07:07 am
End Pick-up
Your child has safely reached school.

Return Journey

01:30 pm
Start Drop
Your child has boarded the bus from school.
01:58 pm
Your bus is approximately five minutes away from the drop point.
02:07 pm
Your child has de-boarded the bus at the drop point.