You can go to Google Play and search for SkoolTree. SkoolTree App Download

The schools should have the registered phone numbers, open SkoolTree App and Click on the ‘Register’ button, enter the registered mobile number and log in using the password sent over SMS.

Go to the SkoolTree App and click on ‘forgot password’ to receive an OTP for reactivation. Enter the OTP to reset the password. You can also connect with the SkoolTree support team at 76040 99998 to retrieve account details.

Yes, SkoolTree is an Android App and can be accessed from mobiles, laptops, and desktops.

Please contact the school authorities to make any changes to the student details. You can also connect with the SkoolTree support team at 76040 99998.

The App can be updated from Google Play Store to the latest available version. Please keep checking the Google Play Store from time-to -time and upgrade to the latest version.

Please follow the following steps:
Open SkoolTree App and click on ‘forgot password’ on the login page.
Enter your registered mobile number
You would receive an OTP on your registered phone number
Enter the OTP and Reset the password
Login with username and the new password.

Click on ‘My Account’ then go to ‘Basic Profile’, click on the camera icon, and select the picture to be uploaded. The image is subject to verification and will reflect, once verified by the school administration.

Please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Both your ward should have the same contact number registered with school.

2. Then you can log in with the old ID password or if you have not yet registered then you can click on ‘Register’ and get the new password in your registered mobile number.

3. Once you login you will be able to see your ward name on the top, near which there is a small drop-down arrow if you click on that you can view the details of the other child.

4. You can select the account of your ward which you want to view henceforth.

Making Payments through SkoolTree

All payment modes (UPI, debit/credit cards/ Paytm) can be used to make payments. In case of any diffculties in mayking payments please get in touch with the SkoolTree support team at 76040 99998.

After loggin in click on the ‘Fee Summary’ option and then choose the ‘Receipt’ from ‘Fee Payment History’. The file is stored in the phone memory and can then be accessed from the phone’s download section.

Pricing and Support

Yes. Schools can choose either the entire ERP management services from SkoolTree or choose specific services. You can also connect with the SkoolTree team at 76040 99998 for any assistance.

The pricing will depend on the services availed. Please get in touch with the sales team at 76040 99998 for details. You can also send in a mail at connect@skooltree.com.

Priority Ticketing, Remote Tech Assistance, Designated Managers, Support on Campus, SkoolTree provides efficient support throughout the entire life cycle. Please refer to the Support page for more details.