Best Attendance SMS System

Best Attendance SMS System mobiTENDANCE Requires No Internet, No Hardware and No Software

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Now Class Teacher, Principal, School Authority, can easily send Homework Reminders, Notices, Circulars by simply using one's own mobile

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Upgrade yourReport Card

Meaningful Progress Report Offline Process Customised Report Card Class Exam Analysis

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Secured Fee Collection

Online Fee Collection Parent Can Pay Online Monthly Fee Collection Report Daily Fee Collection Report Student Wise Fee Collection Report

Requires No Internet, No Hardware & Software

Best Attendance SMS System


Max time taken 1 Minute


Monthly Attendance Report SMS

Monthly Attendance Report

absent sms

Absent SMS

Class Teacher Notification SMS

Class Teacher Notification

SMS to Presents

Present SMS

Attendance Report having less than 75%

Attendance < 75%

Why to use SMS services in schools ?

According to a survey conducted in different cities of India, it has been found that parents highly bother about their children when they are out of home for school, the key reason being increasing crime statistics. They prefer getting notifications and alerts on the whereabouts of their children and their safety in school. Parents are ready to pay a premium against the notifications received related to safety of their children. Schools exploiting this technology enjoy ease in managing information and data and enhancing security efficiencies.

Homework Reminder SMS

Now Class Teacher, Principal, School Authority, can easily send Homework Reminders, Notices, Circulars by simply using one's own mobiles

School Level Notification

Any message that needs to be circulated on the school level like sending general notices, circulars or announcements to all the parents.
Ex: Change in school timing etc.

SMS Notification for School

Class Level Notification

Any message that needs to be circulated on the class level.
Ex: Homework reminders, examination reminders, examination schedules, time table updates etc.

SMS Notification for Class

Student Level Notification

Any message that needs to be sent to particular student.
Ex: Specific award given, complains regarding incomplete homework etc.

SMS Notification for Students
Report Card for School

SkoolTree prepares and delivers high quality customizable analytical report for students, teachers and principal of the school using the students’ academic data in a very systematic and meaningful manner.

It is NOT A SOFTWARE as we have found that using a software is very cumbersome and mostly computer teacher centric. What we offer is totally non-technical for the school thereby helping every teachers and management which is otherwise not always possible.

It provides important information about students to better meet their learning needs thereby providing them with opportunities for self evaluation and encourages parents to better assist their children. It assists schools to translate the students academic data into useful information which can be clearly linked to school planning and decision making processes, supporting school goals and identifying the problems.

Advanced Reporting Tools
We help teachers to achieve the best out of every student.

It reduces the work-load and save precious time of teachers and management in preparation of manual report cards and hence allowing them to concentrate more on primary areas of teaching for the betterment of child and school.

These are the few questions we are trying to answer

  • » Where does a student stand with respect to class and standard ?
  • » Is the student a consistent performer or his/her performance varies a lot ?
  • » Is there a difference between performance across the sections ?
  • » Do students who perform well in one subject also perform well in others ?
  • » Are boys performing better than girls or vice-versa ?
  • » How many students are performing in a particular range ?

SkoolTree uses data analysis and advanced reporting tools to generate reports for the three main pillars of the school namely Students, Teachers and Principal. We not only automate the report card of the students but also provide in-depth analysis of it.

  • A high standard computerised folder with school logo, school details, student profile and student photograph embedded in it
  • Analytical sheet comparing the student’s performance within the section and standard with the description of the sheet
  • Analytical sheet comparing the student’s performance across the exam and across the subjects with the description of the sheet
  • A single sheet data analysis and data visualization which covers the performance of all the students in the entire class
  • It assists teachers' in finding out students who need specific help in specific subjects, teachers can guide student’s parents in a more accurate direction giving detailed information about the student and much more ...
  • Analytical graphs that compares all the sections of the standard giving a holistic view of the subject wise performance of the students across the sections

For Student & Parents

School Report Card
Student Attendance System
Real Time Attendance Machine
Attendance Report Card
Students Attendance Report Card

For Class Teacher, Principal & School Authority

Data Analysis for Teachers
Teaching Times Tables
Class Times Tables
SMS System for School

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